Auto Shipping Quotes

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Whenever you make the decision to use a company to transport your vehicle, it’s important to gather auto shipping quotes. These quotes will not only help you with your budgeting, but will help you make your final decision.

How Do I Get Auto Shipping Quotes

Nowadays just about every company has its own website, so now more than ever finding information is quick and easy. Auto shipping companies are no different, you’ll find all kinds of companies online, such as Super Star Transportation that prides itself on offering superior quality services.

For many of these companies getting a quote is as easy as plugging the information into their website and then you receive an automated quote. In order to generate an auto shipping quote the following information will likely be needed:


  • Where is the vehicle currently located
  • Where the vehicle be transported to (an exact address is needed)
  • When do you want the vehicle picked up
  • What kind of vehicle is it

Once you receive your quote not only will it give you the price but will also give you the date of delivery, which again will help you make your decision.

It’s always wise to gather quotes from a few companies, 5-10 is suggested. This gives you a good understanding of where the correct price should lie so you aren’t paying too much or picking one that is cheap and poor quality. Make sure you take the time to review the quotes you’ve been given and don’t be afraid to ask questions. It’s always better to have too much information than not enough.

Keep in mind that even after you do get a number of quotes, basing your decision on price alone is not a good idea. Price of course plays a big part, but so should the company’s reputation, the referrals you have been given, feedback from customers online and even word of mouth. It’s easy to see that low price and want to jump on it, but keep in mind your car is a fairly large ticket item so you want to be picky about who transports it.


Why Should I Gather Auto Shipping Quotes

By gathering a number of auto shipping quotes you’re ensuring that you find the very best solution for you. Different companies specialize in different kinds of vehicles, shipping locations and even the shipping methods. When you look at your quote, look at how your car is being shipped. Is someone just driving it for you, is it being shipped on a large carrier truck or perhaps a closed container on a truck?

Although it may not be stated on your quote, when gathering them use the opportunity to ask about the company’s insurance coverage. Do they cover against all damage/dents incurred during shipping? A reliable and professional company will offer this.

No doubt when you’re dealing with a move your mind is scattered with a giant to do list. If you can delegate jobs to someone else, in this case an auto shipping company, it will allow you to move on to the next task. Just be sure to arm yourself with plenty of auto shipping quotes so you can make the best decision.

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