Auto Shipping Rates

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Uh oh, it’s time for that move overseas. Well, it’s an opportunity of a lifetime to get the chance to view and live in another country, but it’s also a hassle getting there. Things like the auto shipping rates are among the first things you have to think about. It’s not like your car can just skip across the continent in a plane like you are going to do. So, you are left with contemplating different companies that can accomplish the deed and what their auto shipping rates are.

How Weight Affects Auto Shipping Rates

How many vehicles are you shipping and what do they weigh? That is the first question to figuring out rates. Some companies will only require knowing the type of vehicle while others will want you to actually weigh the vehicle, so they can justify the effect on gas and such. In order to weigh a vehicle, all you have to do is go to a typical truck stop. Most of those contain weigh stations and have to ability to add multiple weights together. Some of your mechanics will also be able to weigh the vehicle for accurate auto shipping rates.

Length Of Time For Shipping

The next question a company is going to ask, is going to be the dates. This is a big deal for the auto shipping rates because it is going to take into effect any storage fees. Storage isn’t something you really wanted to think about, but if you are going to be sitting somewhere for an extended amount of time; well the company has to be able to do something with the vehicle. Luckily, if you are shipping and needing a few days’ worth of storage, then most shipping companies are going to combine the costs. Which, can also include some discounts for the auto shipping rates as well. Everyone loves discounts.

Ultimately, finding the right auto shipping rates with the most reliable auto transport company is going to make your trip a lot easier. Instead of having to drive a certain distance and worrying about the speed limits and everything, most companies will be able to pick up your vehicle. If in the case they cannot pick it up, they will have a company nearby that will at least be able to take your vehicle from there. Good news is that the ability to pick up the vehicle or not, will not affect your auto shipping rates as it will just be part of the company’s policies.

So much goes into figuring out the rates for that long trip overseas. Yes, it seems like a lot of unnecessary questions and running around. But, it is for your benefit and if you use a business like Super Star Transportation, then you will have less running around to do. They can get everything taken care of by phone or internet and then will also pick up the vehicle. It’s about convenience to some and less about the higher auto shipping rates they could charge. Taking enough time to properly set everything up before the move, will leave fewer questions to deal with.