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Finding a Reliable Car Shipping Company

If you’ve decided to ship your car, the next step is finding a reliable car shipping company. You don’t want to just trust your vehicle with anyone, Super Star Transportation suggests you follow a few tips and advice when making your choice.

Steps to Finding a Reliable Car Shipping Company

Here’s a simple checklist you can follow as you make your decision.


  1. Research what has been said about the company. A reliable car shipping company will have plenty of good reviews. Be wary of the ones that have negative reviews or no reviews at all. Word of mouth is always a great tool when you’re looking for information.
  2. Ask around. Check with your family, friends, co-workers and your auto insurance provider to see if they’ve got a good recommendation, or perhaps they know someone who used a car shipping company that they found very reliable.
  3. If you are moving to a different state, be sure the company offers that service. Most will, but it’s still important to have that information up front. If you are moving to another country it may take a little more time and research to find a reliable company.
  4. An upfront and reliable car shipping company should always provide you with a quote rather than just an estimate.
  5. Ask if the car shipping company offers a guaranteed pick up and drop off time of the transportation.
  6. Try not to base your decision soley on price. Picking the lowest priced company usually means you aren’t getting the most reliable one.
  7. You need to ask what needs to be done on your part before the car is transported. Meaning, are there any preparations governed by law that you need to follow?


After You Decide on a Reliable Car Shipping Company

Now that you’ve made your selection, here’s a list of items to remember.

  1. Make sure you receive confirmation by fax or email so you have a hard copy of the confirmation.
  2. Be sure to empty your car out. This means clearing out all your personal belongings such as CDs, loose change, clothing, portable DVD players, etc.
  3. It’s important to know if the car is insured during the transport. In theU.S.the Department of Transportation has put laws in place to make sure the value is insured, so you want to be sure the company abides by these regulations. There should be two types of insurance policies, one that is cargo insurance which will protect you in case of dents or scratches made on the car while it’s being transported and the other is liability insurance which covers the damages and dents due to the driver.
  1. When you drop off your car, you should do an inspection with the representative of the car shipping company to check the physical condition of the car. Make notes of any pre-existing dents or scratches so you will be able to tell if it’s delivered in the same condition. Make sure you both sign off on this report and you each get a copy of it. Do the same inspection upon delivery.

Once you find a reliable car shipping company, you’ll be able to focus on the bigger tasks at hand, your move.