Car Shipping Quotes

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Getting car shipping quotes should be free and easy with no pressure. Your individual needs are what determine the quote you receive. These details include the type of vehicle you want to ship, the locations in which the vehicle will be picked up and delivered and when you’d like it shipped by. We offer all types of shipment options so that we can provide car shipping quotes for everyone’s needs.

Our most popular car shipping quotes are based on Open Car Transport, Enclosed Car Transport and Expedited shipments. If you want more information or need help deciding which car shipping quotes would be best for your type of shipment, feel free to call into our office and speak with a dispatch expert about what is most recommended based on what you need.

Car Shipping Quotes | Process

At SuperStar Transport, we get our car shipping quotes from a quote generating system that determines the cost by looking at the particular details that apply to your specific shipment. With our three different types of auto shipments, we are able to guarantee our customer a price that is designed with the intention of moving your vehicle as quick and headache-free as possible. Each of our shipment methods offer their own benefits.

  • Open Car Transport – the cheapest, most popular method of shipping
  • Enclosed Car Transport – the safest, and most premier method of shipping
  • Expedited Car Transport – a guaranteed pick up within 24-48 hours, best for customers that are in a hurry

We also offer car shipping quotes for special shipments as well. A special shipment may include vehicles that have specific dimensions or accessories that pertain to the vehicle such as rims, camper shell, a certain width, length, weight or height.

Car Shipping Quotes | Locations

The pickup and drop off locations are also a determining factor in the price of your quote. No matter where you vehicle is located or going, we are able to provide you door-to-door services anywhere within the continental United States. However, some routes are more popular than others, which can have an effect on the price of our car shipping quotes. Areas that are more rural or remote may cost more than suburban quotes because they are traveled on less than busier routes. Vehicles that are being shipped along a remote route may have a harder time being picked up or delivered due to it being harder for our driver to complete a load on their hauler without spending too much in fuel costs. On the other hand, our dispatch experts would be more than happy to help you decide on a location that could save you time and money.

Car Shipping Quotes | Specials

Not only does SuperStar provide car shipping quotes and service for the general public, we also provide auto shipping service to car dealers, auctions, and the military. Please speak with one of our car shipping specialists to determine the best quote and price for you.