Car Shipping Services

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Super Star Transportation offers its clients specialized services in the shipping of cars both between states and internationally. High standards of safety and precaution are always adapted in securing and preparation of cars before transport. Thus, when you trust Super Star Transportation with your precious cars, you can rest in peace knowing that you’ll receive it exactly as it was prior to shipping, no extra scratches and dents added. Our staffs make it a priority to ensure your cars are taken care of as if it were their own while on board our ships.


Personalised Car Shipping Services

We strive to cater to a wide range of needs of clients from all avenues of life and industry, be it personal car owners or multi-national companies with mass requirements. Our staff will discuss, in great detail, the services with regards to international car shipping that we can render you. However, we would appreciate if you kept in mind that certain countries do have restrictions and national limitations on importation of cars. By American laws and standards, we are required to adhere to these statutes and limitations. If you have encountered such conflict, it would best be advised that you personally consult with the respective country’s embassy about laws and conditions governing your transport of specific cars into their country. This is particularly important if you are considering mass car shipping for business and selling purposes.


Still concerned about your car shipping worries? You really shouldn’t be if you’ve decided to go with SuperStar Transportation car shipping containers. We provide our clients with warranties on international and interstate car shipping assignments, ensuring that your vehicle arrives at its destination in one piece and safely. That way, you’re completely insured for the entire value of the contents you’re shipping with our firm.

The Promise of Trust & Quality Car Shipping Company

We are one of the market leaders in provision of premium car shipping services to all of the states within the U. S as well as to various parts of Europe and Asia. At SuperStar Transportation, we take pride in doing what we do best – shipping your goods from port to sink safely and securely! With decades of experience in the field, our agents understand the need for a client-service liaison that’s strong, reliable, and trustworthy.

Whether you’re a personal car owner or business shipping your cars with us, our staff will take all necessary precautions to ensure wellbeing of your care. The standard procedure will involve securing of the wheels with chains, strong straps, or nylon ropes to hooks lower down in the container. Clogs will also be placed in front and back of your wheels with handbrakes on. Batteries will be disconnected. We would suggest that you double check to make sure your car’s petrol tank is practically empty for safety purposes before handing the car over to us. Tyre pressures will also be reduced in order to prevent slamming around or car skidding within containers.


Care is also taken to distribute the car’s weight over entire flooring evenly so as to avoid risks of containers tipping due to overload of the rear or front portion of the container. In cases, where the same container shipping the car also contains furniture, adequate padding and fastening guards will be utilised to ensure car is protected from falling of boxes. Goods that have got uneven edges or protruding pieces will be kept separate from your other goods with barriers.


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If you’ve been considering moving interstate, overseas, or even to a different suburb within the country, SuperStar Transportation can help you with your freight, land, or sea car shipping needs. Call SuperStar Transportation today for a quick and affordable quote on your project.