Car Transport Companies

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Here are 5 things most car transport companies don’t let you in on.

1. Choose A Reputable Company

One of the most valuable possessions of our lives are our vehicles. When choosing car transport companies, we understand how important it is to know that your car will arrive safe at the delivery destination. So whether you’re shipping a family car, luxury car, motorcycle, truck or any other vehicle, you deserve a car transport companies that has the knowledge and experience to get the job done right. We take pride in handling all sorts of transports and unlike other companies, we have a flawless track record.

Reputable car transport companies won’t pressure you into making a decision immediately. Often times, less reputable companies will try to force their customers into making a decision by telling them that the quote is only good for 24 hours. Another common thing they do is provide “lowball” quotes, that sound good to the customer so that they place an order right then and there. In reality, lowball quotes don’t get the vehicle moved and eventually money needs to be added to get the job done. That’s not the way business should be done and you deserve better than that. This is why choosing a company that will provide you with quality service from the beginning is almost as important as the actual transport itself.

2. Choose A Licensed Company

Every single one of our drivers are completely licensed and bonded through the Department of Transportation. We’d be more than happy to email, fax or mail you a copy of our credentials.

3. Make Sure The Company is Insured

Each of our drivers carry up to a million dollars’ worth of liability. We prove a complete Bill of Lading at the time of pickup and delivery, to ensure that your vehicle will arrive in the same condition that it was picked up.

4. Reputable Car Transport Companies Offer Different Shipping Options

No two auto transports are the same, that’s why we offer different options to fit your different needs. SuperStar Transport offers the most used shipping options and all of them are door-to-door deliver and are fully insured.

    • Open Auto Transport

This is the most popular method of shipping vehicles across America. We will transport your vehicle on an un-covered car hauler to anywhere within the continental United States.

    • Enclosed Auto Transport

Our enclosed auto transport service is the safest and most protected way to move your vehicle. Your vehicle will be loaded onto an enclosed hauler to keep it safe from weather, dirt or any other road hazards. If you have an exotic, classic, luxury or sentimental vehicle, this is probably the best choice for your transport.

    • Expedited Auto Transport

Our expedited auto transport is the fastest way to ship your vehicle. Normally the vehicle can be picked up within a day and delivered ASAP.

5. Car Transport Companies Should Offer Delivery Options and Provide You With a Schedule

Most car transport companies will pick up your vehicle whenever they have a driver in the area. SuperStar Transport picks up your vehicle and delivers it on your schedule. During the transit, you are able to get in touch with us. Speak with either your dispatch representative or the driver himself with no complications. We provide you with an update on the status of your shipment every 2 days.