Classic Car Transport

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It’s easy to find classic car transport companies online, but are you sure your choosing a trustworthy company? It’s crucial to select a company that is experienced with exotic, collector or classic vehicles so that certain services are offered for your classic car transport. These services may include hard-sided and soft-sided enclosed trailers as well as nylon straps to harness the vehicle to the trailer to ensure that no damages will take place during the transport. A reliable classic car transport company is also prepared to handle all types of classic car transport jobs including vehicles with low clearance, and cars that are longer or taller than newer ones.


A common mistake that owners often make is choosing the classic car transport company that offers the best price. In this industry, a decision should never be solely based on the quote you’re given. Most reputable companies offer pricing and a cost structure that are very similar to each other. Coming across a price that is lower that most of the quotes you’ve gotten is usually a bad sign that that company isn’t going to be your best choice. Unfortunately in this economy, less reliable transporting companies know that people are looking to save money, and will take advantage of the opportunity to lowball their customers in order to get their business. In these types of situations, that lowball quote is usually not enough money to actually get the vehicle moved.

Asking a classic car transport company how long they’ve been in business is a good way to size-up their reputability. Superstar Transportation has been in business for almost 20 years.

What Type of Carrier?

A decision that should be made before obtaining a quote is what type of carrier you’d like your classic car transport to be done in. Carrier options include an Open trailer or an Enclosed trailer. The reasons that people may choose one of the other can vary. If the vehicle is in mint condition, one will most likely choose and enclosed trailer. If somebody has a classic vehicle that isn’t in the best condition, and they are planning to restore it after it has arrived at its destination, it would most likely be transported on an Open trailer.

Open car carries usually are a little more cost effective simply because they are more common. Choosing an open carrier doesn’t mean that your vehicle is more susceptible to damages, it’s just more exposed to outside elements such as weather conditions.

Enclosed carriers offer the most protection and often come equipped with a winch for non-operational vehicles. No matter which type of trailer you choose for your classic car transport, it’s important to understand everything up front, including the cost, fees and shipping process.

Fully Covered

Whether you choose an open or enclosed method of transport, with Superstar your vehicle is completely covered by the driver’s insurance, and will be fully inspected at the time of pickup and delivery with a complete bill of lading on each end that must be signed by the contact at both places. You will also receive the approximate dates of pick up and delivery, based on your needs and schedule. Your dispatch representative will stay in touch with you every 48 hours with an update on the status of your shipment and you will be provided with the driver’s cell phone number if you have any questions.