Cost to Ship A Car

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The Cost to Ship a Car – Is it Worth It?

When it comes to moving there are usually a lot of extra expenses that pop up and if you’re making an especially long move you might be wondering about the cost to ship a car. Companies like Super Star Transportation offer competitive quotes on costs so you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank.

How the Cost to Ship a Car is Calculated

Companies like Super Star Transportation calculate the cost to ship a car based on the distance it needs to be driven. Obviously the further they need to drive it, the more expensive it will be.

Why Ship a Car

So why exactly would you even use a company like Super Star Transportation? For some people it’s just not possible to drive their car to their new location. Perhaps you’re actually travelling by train or plane to this new destination across country. Shipping your car will mean it will arrive when you do without any hassle or worry.

Without shipping your car your only other option might be to sell your car. If you are happy with your vehicle, aren’t in the financial position to buy a new car or perhaps you’re still locked into a lease, then selling your car isn’t the answer. In these cases in particular the cost to ship the car is minor compared to the expenses of breaking a lease contract or having to purchase a new car on the other end. By shipping your car you can choose when it is picked up and when it’s delivered. The drivers are well aware of the routes they need to travel, as well as traffic, construction and other issues that pop up along the way.

These long haul moves can be quite taxing on cars, why take the risk of having to deal with a potentially expensive repair job along the way thanks to the mileage you’re putting on it. As well, with the price of gas hitting all time highs, the cost to ship a car can often work out cheaper than the gas would!

The cost of shipping a car usually takes a backseat for those shipping exotic cars. Because cars are shipped on a flatbed truck, the car doesn’t need to clock the miles as it travels across the country. Your car is also safe from things such as damaging stone chips since it is resting up high on the flatbed.


The Cost to Ship – A Wise Investment for Businesses

Shipping a car isn’t just for individuals though. This solution is also idea if you own a small business that has a fleet of vehicles that you need to relocate. Instead of driving them over one at a time, travelling back and forth, why not have a professional transport company ship the your whole fleet so they will arrive on time and together. This means you won’t suffer from any slow down of business due to a shortage of vehicles.


Shipping a car is really about taking the stress and worry off your back and allowing the professionals to get your car where you need it and when you need it. It can make the entire moving process a whole lot smoother, making the cost to ship a car well worth it.