Exotic Car Transport

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High-end, exotic car transport should be done one way; and that’s the right way. Shipping exotic vehicles requires additional care, consideration and experience that some companies don’t have. With Superstar, exotic car transport isn’t just a job. It’s our hobby and we love what we do. Owners of these precious cars have to be certain that their vehicle is in good hands. They also want to be certain that every single person that handles their car has the skills and experience that are needed to handle it properly and fully understands that they are fully and completely responsible for any problems or issues that may arise. These precautions need to be met especially when the exotic car transport is taking place over very long distances such as from coast to coast.

When it comes to exotic car transport, our dispatch team and drivers make 100% sure that every one of our customers feel confident and assured in their choice of choosing us; and this is the reason that most of our exotic car transport customers become repeat customers.

Enclosed Exotic Car Transport

Owners of exotic or customer cars usually move their vehicles on an enclosed trailer. This guarantees the safest exotic car transport that you can get. Often times these types of cars are being transported from an auto auction, a dealership or car shows. That’s why an enclosed trailer is always highly recommended to keep the vehicle from being exposed to weather and other external factors. Whether it’s a future shipment or a last minute shipment, we can get it from A to B safely, anywhere within the continental U.S.

Getting an enclosed rate for exotic car transport is as easy as filling out our online quote form, or calling in an speaking with one of our dispatch experts to get the most accurate rate.

Exotic Car Transport Worry-Free Service

If you or someone you know is looking into or interested in exotic car transport, then rest assured; Superstar Transport would love to take that off of your to-do list. We eliminate any unnecessary anxiety and ensure that you are completely aware and informed of any important information, details and updates before going further. With no pressure and a 100% customer satisfaction rating, we guarantee to meet your needs. Choosing to work with a dependable and trustworthy car shipping company is a necessity when it comes to exotic car transport. No matter where in the nation you want it shipped to, we can assist you. Your race, exotic or classic car has never been in better hands aside from your own.

Once you have hired Superstar to complete your exotic car transport, you will never second-guess your decision in going with us. It’s completely protection, fully insured, and will not be swapped out halfway through the transportation.