How Much To Ship a Car

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How much to add extra pepperoni? How much to deliver the sofa to my house? How much to have my carpets cleaned? How much to ship a car? Huh? People ship cars? Why, yes they do.


People ship cars from Truth or Consequences, New Mexico to Old Town, Maine. Or from Elmira, New York to Blue Ridge, Texas. So, let’s look at the question: How much to ship a car?


This is the age of the Internet and so let’s look at what it has to say in response to our question – how much to ship a car? tells us that it costs between 750 and 1000 American dollars. The thing is, there are many factors that affect the cost of shipping a car. Let’s have a look at some of them.



How much to ship a car? Well, the further you need it to go, the more you will pay. Sounds reasonable, right? If you are living and working in Peak, South Carolina and you are packing everything up and moving down to Naples, Florida, you will be charged less than your friend who is moving from Big Bear Lake, California to the Big Apple.



Companies that ship cars usually offer two options by way of a carrier, a covered or uncovered transport truck. The covered transport truck is a more expensive option but offers a greater level of protection than does the open option. If you have a totally expensive vehicle that you are in love with, it may be worth paying the extra fee for the peace of mind you will achieve.


Type of car

If you have a large vehicle, like the popular SUV, it is going to cost you more to ship it than if you have, say, a Volkswagen Jetta. And, if you have a civilian Humvee, well, it is going to cost a lot more.


The number of cars

If you want to ship more than one car, this will obviously affect how your shipping fee is calculated. It is not uncommon, in America, for a family to have three or more cars: about one/third of American families do, which all affects the answer to our question – how much to ship a car?


The cost of fuel

We are all aware of how fuel costs, be it gas or diesel, fluctuate. Prices go up, sometimes way up,  and then down and then…you know the deal. If you are shipping your vehicles during a period of high fuel prices, that cost will be factored into your shipping fee.


Evaluating an estimate

When you have an estimate in front of you, you know the answer to the question: How much to ship a car? But you should compare that number, whatever it is, to the cost of driving your cars to where you need them to be – and be sure to factor in hotels, food, fuel, and your time. This calculation, of how much it would cost to drive the car or cars, will let you easily decide which way is best for you.