How to Ship a Car

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How to Ship a Car

Shipping a car sounds like a gargantuan task, doesn’t it? We ship all kinds of things all of the time; toys, books, movies, clothing, computers and more. But, a car? Well, it is easier than you think to ship a car.

If you are moving to a new city, you will have to make arrangements for your physical life to be dismantled and built again in a new place: furniture, art, dishes, computers, appliances, plants, treadmills, glassware – it all needs to be packed up and moved. You may have two cars parked in the driveway that must not be forgotten. And you may not be up to, or have the energy for, a 2,200 mile drive in the midst of moving your life.

Just as there are moving companies that will deal with all of your precious personal and household belongings, there are companies that will ship your car or other vehicles for you. And the process is a similar one. A quick search in Google or your goto search engine will reveal a list of companies who know how to ship a car.

Shop around

You need only contact a reputable car moving company and provide them with the details around your vehicle move; they will calculate a fee and provide you with it. As in choosing a general moving company, you should shop around – do your homework. If you have any friends or acquaintances that you know have had their cars shipped, ask them if the company they chose knew how to ship a car.


Trust but verify

Another step that you can take when choosing a company to ship your car is to give your local Better Business Bureau a call, and request any information that they have regarding your shipping company of choice. If a client has a negative experience with the company that ships their car, they are likely to report the incident. Knowledge is, as they say, power.

Get it in writing

You should also make sure that any free estimate you are given from a company that moves vehicles around the country is in writing and that you keep track of it; it is easy to lose track of things when you are in the midst of moving.


How to Ship A Car

To wrap up, shipping a car is a doable thing. The process is a similar one to arranging to have your personal and household belongings moved. A reputable car shipping company knows how to ship your car, and according to a time schedule that suits you, and will care for it throughout the process, just as the moving company will keep your grandmother’s china in one piece.

Driving a car across the country when you are in the midst of moving your entire life – your home and your belongings – while at the same time leaving precious friends behind, may be too much to ask of yourself. You may find it a safer and more logical option to have your car arrive not long after you leave the airport and enter your new home.