Military Car Shipping

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Military Car Shipping

Military personnel quite often have to relocate with their career, which means not only having to move their belongings but also dealing with car shipping. Before settling on a car shipping company, it’s always wise to check around as many companies offer special rates and programs when it comes to military car shipping.

Car Shipping – A Great Way to Protect Your Vehicle

Unlike most people, when military personnel are required to move it’s usually very short notice, which doesn’t allow much time for planning. They don’t always have the luxury of time to research car shipping companies so it’s important to find those that deal specifically with military car shipping.

Due to the many moves military personnel are required to make, if they’re transporting the car themselves that is a lot of extra wear and tear on the vehicle. By shipping it, it will be transported on a truck so that the car itself doesn’t have to make the trip. These trips can be pretty far, even moving from one side of the country to the other, which will quickly rack up the mileage on your vehicle.

Companies such as Super Star Transportation that specialize in military car shipping, can not only pick up your vehicle right at your base, but have it delivered right to your door at the new base, taking all the stress and worry off your plate. These companies also understand that if they’re shipping a military vehicle they must be able to accommodate all sizes whether it be small, big, wide or skinny.

You might also choose to have your military vehicle transported in a covered container. By opting for a covered container there is a sense of privacy, as well as the fact it will be kept even safer from the environmental elements.


Tips for Military Car Shipping

Military vehicles are usually pretty big ticket items, so it’s imperative when you shop around for a car shipping provider you pick one that not only guarantees it will arrive free of damage but also has the proper insurance policies in place. These insurance policies will protect you should any damage occur to your vehicle so it’s not you who’s left footing the bill.

Before you settle on a company you’ll want to do some research. Ask around on the base, perhaps there are even some companies that are recommended. When contacting a company don’t hesitate to ask for a referral. A good company with nothing to hide will be happy to give you a referral you can contact. A firm quote should also be given to you rather than just an estimate. A firm quote ensures there are no costly surprises after making your booking.

It’s always important to do a physical check of the vehicle with the transport representative before it is transported. In the case of a military vehicle, this is even more important as these are often highly specialized vehicles.

Moving is always a stressful life event, so why not lift as much worry as possible off your shoulders and leave the military car shipping to the professionals. This will give you time to focus on the rest of the move!