Shipping a Car

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Human beings move around a lot. The U.S. Census Bureau tells is that just over 14 million Americans move every year. We can think of this as the entire population of New York City, with the population of Los Angeles thrown in, picking up and moving every year. That is a lot of people. Of course, some of them are only moving down the street. But, still.

Some of these movers and shakers have cars. Cars that they want to accompany them to their new city. Hence, in modern America, you have the option of shipping a car. Shipping a car can sound like an extreme move. But when you really think about it, it makes a lot of sense.

If you have to manage a move between cities, you are going to be very busy. Shipping a car may lessen the load. The last thing you will feel like doing, as the moving truck backs out of your driveway, with your worldly possessions inside, is to drive a few thousand miles. A car moving company arriving to pick up your car, just as you head out to the airport to safely fly to your new home, would be a sight most welcome.


Shipping a car is a smart move for a few reasons. As we wrote above, you will be tired, if not exhausted, upon completing the first half of your move. This is not the best time to undertake a significant driving trip. Driving long distances has its risks at the best of times, but if you are tired and stressed out, those risks increase. Shipping a car looks like a safe choice in these circumstances.


We did write above that all of your worldly possessions are hurtling across the country in a truck.  You really don’t want to pressure yourself by placing yourself in the position where you racing this truck, in an attempt to get to your new home before your stuff does. It just isn’t really a safe position to put yourself in. Shipping a car might be the kindest thing you could do for yourself.


If you have adorable small children, you would probably rather take them with you on a relatively short plan ride than on a road trip of a significant length. That is, unless you love the sound of singsong voices saying “Are we there yet?”. Incessantly.


Shipping a car may be sounding like a pretty awesome option as this point. Though there is one thing that we should talk about as we wind down. You might want to have a serious look at your a car and decide if it may be time to sell it. If you think that you are going to sell your car within the next year or so, you might want to do it now. And get settled in your new ride when you get to your new abode.


There you have it. Shipping a car is a reasonable option for someone who is making a move. If you are one of those 10s of millions of Americans who will be moving this year, give shipping a car some serious thought.