Remove the Stress of Shipping a Car

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With the world economy still faltering, and with no certain end in sight, many people are faced with the hard truth:  it may be time to move on. Whether you’re forced to move due to the harsh economic times, or travelling across state lines for a new life, new job or to reunite with family, we’re here to help you make that transition as smooth and easy as possible by moving your car or vehicle across state lines. We can have your car transported, safely ad without a scratch from East to West. We at Super Star Transport have one mission; removing the stress of moving and getting your car where it needs to be, fast and spotless.

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What is Car Transport?

 Maybe you’re thinking ‘I have a car so why would I need a car transportation service?’  If your moving a few states over, or across the country, you’re not going to want to drive more than one vehicle. You probably don’t want to drive any vehicle. With gas prices raising by the day it just make sense to avoid the long drive and instead get a head start in your new home early to organize your affairs.  What we do here at Super Star Transportation, and what car transport is, is this:  we will move your car for you.   Using state of the art machinery and vehicle support, Super Star Transport will move your car, or cars.

 Why do I need Car Transport?

 You know what car transportation is, so the next question rolling off your tongue is probably ‘why do I need it?’.  As mentioned above, there are a few reasons why a car transportation service like Super Star Transport may be right for you.  For instance, consider of the following reasons:

  • Save Money:  Imagine this:  you are driving your new home and suddenly your car breaks down from the weight of the long drive. You’re left footing a large repair bill that you never even expected. We remove the risk –we transport the car without ever turning on the engine. We are one of the most affordable car transportation services by leveraging our large network of transportation vehicles and gas discounts we get to pass those savings on to you. We also save our customers travelling across state lines and average of $50 by removing the cost of overnight stays at motels that accompany multi dozen hour trips.
  • Get There Early: Moving can be a stressful situation for a variety of reasons.  One of those reasons is that amount of work you have to do once you get to your new home. You get there and suddenly you have to contact the cable company, the phone company, the internet company… and the list goes on. Ultimately, you just want to put your feet up and settle in.  This is what Super Star Transportation does for you: give you more time. You can set up all you need to set up and salve at least some of the ‘moving stress’ –we’ll handle that part for you. We don’t waste time. We save yours.
  • Remove The Risk: Travelling across state lines, or coast to coast comes with its own set of risk that inner city commute doesn’t have. High speed highways, poor visibility conditions from weather or nightfall and fatigue from long hours or days of driving can be become a significant safety risk. Over 30,000 people die on US roads each year, the majority of which occur on US highways. Don’t put yourself at risk. Our drivers are highly trained to drive safely in a variety of weather conditions, terrain and
  • Move Yourself:  The final reason we know why people utilize a car transportation service is slightly opposite then reason number two.  Here, you want to save even more money by moving everything yourself.  What this often entails is renting your own moving truck, packing up all your things, and then moving to your desired destination.  Of course, if you are doing this you can’t drive you car at the same time.  This is where we come in.  We will either a) go ahead of you and drop your car off or b) come behind you and drop your car off once you have dropped all your materials at your new home.  In both cases, we are making your life easier!


The Worry Free of Car Transport

The truth is that we live in a world that is defined by speed.  The staggering growth of information technology is one that is hard to believe.  Wasn’t it just yesterday that we were all using big, clunk cell phones?  Wasn’t it just yesterday that the word ‘texting’ didn’t even exist in the mind of any human being, anywhere?  Because of this incredible network created by information technology, speed matters. Here at Super Star Transportation we understand how important speed is.  One of our mottos is ‘Go Fast. Drive Safe.’.  We don’t mean drive fast. We mean simplify the process so that everything moves along smoothly. To put it another way, once we receive your request to move your car(s) to your new home, we work hard to get the paperwork and the initial set-up completed as quickly as possible.  If you come to us with a date in mind of when you would like your car there, we will meet that date and not be a second late.

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Safety First

As much as getting the car to its destination as fast possible matters to us, safety matters even more.  The economy is still stumbling uphill, so most of us can’t afford surprise bills.  This means that getting a car to its destination safely is one of the most important aspects of Super Star Transportation. Your car will not even feel the move. It will be secured to one of our moving trucks for the entire duration of the drive.


What does safety mean to Super Star Transportation?

  • Take the appropriate routes:  There are many different ways to get to a destination and not all of these ways are the safest.  Due to the heavy loads of cars we will make sure that the routes taken are the cleanest, safest and the smoothest possible. We will avoid heavy traffic sections that slow the drive down.
  • Prepare for Weather:  We prepare for unpredictable weather changes across state lines.  Up north, this means cold weather; down south, this means heavy rain-storms and drought like conditions. We ensure that your car is protected from these conditions; whether it rains or snows your car won’t be exposed to any of the weather elements. Not even a smudge.
  • Secure: The cars on the truck will be secured using top-of-the-line equipment. No damage, no scratches resulting from insecure handling. Your car won’t feel a single turn or bump in the road.


Communication is Key:

You want to keep on top of your investment. You want to know where your car is, when it’s arriving and how things are coming along. We at Super Star Transportation will always keep the lines of communication open and prompt. You can reach us by phone at 1-800-663-2203.  We have customer service representatives standing by at all times who will be able to respond to your inquires whenever you have them and wherever you have them. You can call us or email us about any pre sale questions as well, such as those regarding the logistics of the operation. Our representatives will respond as quickly as possible.

We are also very flexible.  If at some point during the move you need to alter the logistics or plans in any way, don’t hesitate to contact us.  Our drivers are flexible and are willing to compromise if need be.  Remember, communication is key.  If you don’t tell us what you want we won’t be able to help.  At all times, our staff will be courteous and professional.

Everyone is Welcome:

It doesn’t matter what car you drive. All that matters is where you’re going –and we’ll make sure your car makes the trip as well.  Super Star Transportation is a car transport service that welcomes people and cars from all facets of life.  Whether you have an old car from your high-school days that you can’t imagine giving up, fret not. If its 8 seat SUV? No problem. We can deliver it.

In general, we work with the following:

Individual:  The mobilization of the country has begun and Super Star Transportation is there every step of the way.  We will move your car for whatever reason you have, may it be business related or family related.

Small Businesses:  The small businesses are the engines of this great country, in every state and every community shaping America. Moving businesses? We can handle it.

Large Corporations:  When big companies move they move big –we can logistically handle large fleets of vehicles across many state lines. If you’re a large company with a large abd diverse fleet of vehicles that need moving, please don’t hesitate to give us a call to discuss your requirements.

Military: We can take on vehicles big and small, skinny and wide.

Moving Companies:  Typically, people like utilizing both a moving company and a car transport service, something that Super Star Transport can do.

How much does Car Transport cost?

We are a very affordable car transport service company for both individuals and businesses alike.  We understand how difficult it is to find cheap and reliable service at the same time – but this is what we achieve. We strive to give you the best deal possible, one that is fast, efficient and affordable. Fast, reliable and safe are the three pillars of our service.

The price of car transportation will depend on a variety of factors.  They include:

Distance Traveled:  In business, time equals money.  In car transportation, distance equals money.  The farther we have to travel, the more money it costs us (gas isn’t cheap!).  That being said, we are able to get discounted rates on gas so you are still saving money when compared to you driving the car yourself over a large distance. Sometimes, we will have different deals going on for different distances.

Number of Cars:  How many cars do you need moved?  How many big cars do you need moved?  How many small cars do you need moved?  There are a number of ‘car’ factors that determine price.  Typically, the smaller your car is, the lower the price will be.  Also, we do often offer package deals for people who need to move a number of cars.  This is especially true with large corporations and small businesses. Let us know your needs and we will work out a deal that works for you and your business.

Type of Car:  Although this isn’t as serious of a factor it does play a role in price.  Certain cars won’t need as prudent safety recommendations as other cars, meaning that some cars will require more of our attention and equipment.   For example, special request vehicles almost always cost more money than your average car.

Time:  How quickly do you need your vehicle moved?  We will do our best to get your car to where you need it to be as fast as possible; however, there may be deadlines that will require a fee to met.


Call for Free Quote!  1-800-663-2203

The best part is that it won’t cost you a dime to get a free car transport quote.  Simply call us, give us the details of what you need (type of car, how many cars, where you need it, and any other details) and we will get back to you with a realized quote as soon as possible.

In the end, Super Star Transportation is here for you.  We understand the importance of reliable car transport; we know how important speed is in this ever-changing world.  Don’t make moving harder than it has to be.  Call us today to get your free quote enter the road for an easy, fluid and stress-free car transport experience with Super Star Transportation.


Picking a Reliable Auto Transport Company

For a reliable and professional auto transport company, trust your business with Super Star Transportation.

Super Star Transportation has been in business for over 20 years now delivering high quality, professional service when it comes to transporting automobiles across the country. You can rest assured knowing the auto transport company has been licensed, insured and boned with the United States Department of Transportation, which means your automobile is in good hands!

As well, each of Super Star Transportation’s driver’s are insured with a million dollar policy.

Why Use an Auto Transport Company?

Selecting a reputable auto transport company is key when you’re looking to make a long distance move. It’s not always possible to drive your vehicle to your new location but leaving it behind isn’t an option either. By hiring an auto transport company to do it for you, you’ll be able to focus your energy and efforts on packing and moving your belongings, without needing to worry about how your automobile is going to make it to your new home.

Not only will your car make it to the new destination without stress or worry, but Super Star Transportation gets it there quickly and safely. Your vehicle will arrive in the same condition it left you.

Another great advantage to hiring a company to transport your car early is that the car can leave before or after you do. It gives you much more flexibility to plan the arrival of not just you, but of your vehicle as well.

By using Super Star Transportation you won’t need to deal with stress of the drive either, which can often be a long one. Road work, road closures, traffic and even directional issues aren’t your problem at all, you can leave it all to the professionals to deal with.

 Using an Auto Transport Company for Business’s

And don’t forget, transporting a vehicle isn’t just for personal use. Perhaps you are looking to relocate a small or large business that has its own vehicles. Moving all those vehicles yourself just isn’t possible. Super Star Transportation can take this worry off your plate as well and ensure that all your vehicles arrive together and on time, rather than only being able to transport one vehicle at a time. This means you can get your business rolling in the new location fast without having to wait for the entire fleet of vehicles to arrive.

When it comes to moving, there is plenty of stress and work involved so why not delegate when you can and leave it to professionals when it comes to the heavy hard work to an auto transport company.